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😉 Search Mantouk’s body for his skull and a very interesting book. He has the legacy you left for yourself in an earlier life, as well as the legacy Deionarra left for you. The tailor sells some useful armor for Annah and Fall-From-Grace. You also need to speak to him to solve Malmaner’s quests.

  1. Try to arrange things so that you have 16 Intelligence otherxcritical the next bit is going to hurt.
  2. Annah will correct him on his speech and things will deteriorate.
  3. Ask around the ward to find out that Morte was abducted by a certain Lothar, Master of Bones.
  4. Read the book for 4000XP, return to Dimtree and speak the words that Sebastion taught you for another 4000XP.

In the southeast of the catacombs is a portal to Weeping Stone but you don’t really need to go there. Instead, return to Lothar and hand him either Mantuok’s skull or Soego’s for xcritical rezension 15,000XP. Ask him why you are immortal to learn of Ravel Puzzlewell. While you’re down here, there are a number of skulls that you can talk to if you interact with the shelves.

Finam’s Book

Sebastion will tell you that Dimtree’s plight is part of a contract that he cannot back out of. Understand his dilemma for Law points or fail to give a rat’s arse for Chaos points. Read the book for 4000XP, return to Dimtree and speak the words that Sebastion https://dreamlinetrading.com/ taught you for another 4000XP. If you have the tomb plans, talk to Hamrys for 2000XP. Lady Thorncombe at 3 is the Festhall’s Mage Tutor. Speak to her to learn that she has become addicted to sensory stones and doesn’t want to teach any longer.

The Temple of Elemental Evil

To shut him up, you need to threaten to hit him at which point he’ll direct you to the warehouse. Trudge over there and talk to Vault of the Ninth World. Return to Hamrys and show him the Dream Pillow for 2000XP. Now take it to Xander who will finally give you the Dream Key, xcriticalg you 16,000XP. He’ll try to speak cant but won’t do it very well.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

However, he has commissioned a costume for a masquerade and asks you to go into the shop and fetch it for him.

How to Find Ravel’s Maze in Planescape Torment

Before returning to the Lower Ward, seek out Nemelle who’s at an open-air café in the west of the area. Hunt down Nenny again and ask whether she’s seen anyone coming out of Kimasxi’s room. She’ll say that she saw a man leaving Kimasxi’s room but he never left the building. The other girls will have told you she that has a bad temper and a sharp tongue.


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